Get two staffers’ take on heat-loving makeup routines.

Summer: Longer days, sunshine, thunder storms and (hopefully) a chance to take a break. But what does summer mean when it comes to our makeup routines? We’ve recruited two members of the Wunderbrow crew to duke it out between the two Summer Makeup camps: The light touch, “I woke up like this” look (Lindsay), versus the heat-meets-sweat-meets-humidity extra waterproof results (Bonnie). Read on and let us know what team you’re on!



“I’m from Australia, so if I know one thing, it’s that less is more when it comes to the heat. My go-to products this summer are Wunderbrow Clear Brow Gel and our Volume Mascara. The Clear Brow Gel holds my brows in place without feeling crunchy or getting those awful white flakes, and the fact that it is clear is key – I’m not interested in my brows slipping across my face. Finish
it off with just a touch of Volume Mascara (it’s water resistant, thank goodness) and that’s all I need makeup-wise. My skin can breathe and I don’t have to worry about a thing. Definitely my vibe for summer.” - Lindsay



“I hate the idea of having to change my routine, even for beach days (yes, you can call me a stick-in-the-mud). So the fact that I can wear Wunderbrow Original Eyebrow Gel every day and know that my brows won’t smudge no matter what is huge. If I’m running after my kid, jumping in the pool, or just trying to make it through a hot and humid day, I’m in business. Throw on a colorful Super-Stay Liner that also never smudges under any circumstances (trust me, try it, it’s amazing!) and I’m set. My summer go-to at the moment is Metallic Silver. So sleek.” - Bonnie

So there you have it. Two approaches to summer makeup, zero compromises. Where do you fall? 'High Heat, Light Touch' OR 'Bring On The Splash Zone'. Tell us about your summer makeup must-haves at @wunderbrow! Shop each below:

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