Skinny brows just like skinny jeans, go in and out of style every couple of seasons. But unlike changes in fashion that can be amended with a quick shopping trip, changes made to your brows can take time and effort to come back from.

Some people are born with natural, full, fluffy brows but as we age, our eyebrow hair begins to thin. Some people experience brow hair loss from challenging life experiences such as alopecia or have had bad experiences with semi-permanent tattoos or micro-blading. Regardless of the cause of your sparse brows, here’s how to achieve thicker, fuller brows – fast!


1. Put the Tweezers Down

Brow hair grows on a cycle. Put the tweezers down and focus on letting your brow hairs regrow for a few months. Depending on how healthy your brow hair follicles are, it can take 12-16 weeks to see your fullest growth potential.


2. Start with a Clean Brow

This first step is crucial and often overlooked. It’s really important to wipe away any skincare or makeup residue from the brows before you start the application. You can do this easily by taking a cotton bud or a flannel with some micellar water to remove any product. Then pat the area dry with a paper towel. By removing any product, this ensures your chosen brow makeup product stays on the skin and does not smudge or smear throughout the day.   


3. Fake Thicker Brows by Filling Them In

While you wait for your new growth to come in, filling in your brows may help to avoid additional plucking. The key to creating the appearance of thicker brows is creating believable, hair-like strokes throughout the arch.

1. A brow pencil or brow pen like Micro Sculpt Refillable Brow Pencil or Thicker Brow Pen Duo is a sparse brow's best friend. First, select a brow pencil shade that mirrors the undertone (warm, cool, neutral) and depth of colour (blonde, brown, black, etc.) in your brow. Next, fill in sparse areas with tiny strokes to replicate the hair look. To achieve a natural result, leave hints of flesh between each stroke.

2. Next, use a fiber-based brow gel like Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel to create a three dimensional look. This gel has tiny microfibers that cling to the brow hairs and keep your brows from looking fake or drawn on. Make sure to brush your brows gently with the spoolie end of the brush (provided) before you begin adding the gel to ensure a natural finish.

3. For maximum volume, start by backcombing your brows, beginning at the end of your shape and working toward the start. Then re-dip the wand into the tube and sweep the formula from the start of your brows to the end, keeping the formula on the hairs and avoiding the skin. Top tip, less is always more. Start with a small amount and add where needed.

4. Finally, carve your brows for a clean, natural finish. How? Try using a concealer or Light-Sculptor Multi-Use Highlight Duo Pencil. Use the matt side and carefully draw above the brow to clean up the brow line and remove any smudged product. You can use the shiny side of the same product to draw a line beneath the brow and gently blend both areas with a small brush or fingers. You can also use this product on the inner corner of your eyes, down the bridge of the nose and into the top of the cheeks to create light to instantly lift the skin.


4. Practice Good Brow Hygiene

It's important to keep the skin under your brows healthy to provide the best environment for new hair to grow. Once you’re ready to remove your brow makeup, ensure you use an oil-based makeup remover and give them a wash afterwards. Like the hair on the scalp, it’s important to use products that help to condition the brows to soften and smooth the appearance of the brows. Gently does the trick!


5. Massage Your Brows

Your brow hairs are connected to tiny blood vessels and stimulating blood flow to the brow area can help encourage healthy hair growth. Try giving your brow bone a micro massage with your fingertips when going through your skincare routine by gently using the fingertips to tap over each brow for about 30 seconds.

Give it a go and share your brow game with us @wunderbrow


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