3 Summer Brow Hacks


Guest Blog by Bonnie, Head of Brands

WUNDERBROW Original Gel is my go-to brow product. It’s the Original for a reason. I use it in my brows every day to get that ‘just right’ level of tint, fill and hold. But the thing is, it can be used for so much more. In an ode to its versatility, I tried out three summer-inspired WUNDERBROW hacks. Freckles, weekend-long and skinny brows were the challenges. Read on to hear how they went!



FOR THAT SUMMERY LOOK. Sun protection is key, but a dappling of freckles gives those healthy, I’ve just been picnicking in a bucolic field vibes. Fake it til you make it then, right? I grabbed WUNDERBROW in Auburn for this look - it gave my 'freckles' a bit of warmth, like they actually came from the sun.


- Dot WUNDERBROW onto your ring finger pad, and gently dab along the bridge of the nose and fronts of the face until there is no product left on your finger at all.

- It took me 2 applications to get this level of freckled-effect.

- Finish with blush (in peachy!) to complete that sunkissed look, plus using a brush helpts to soften the look.


I already have some freckles, so this hack really enhanced a feature that I already have.


An alternative is to use a nice, bubbly sponge while applying WUNDERBROW, like @ashmeredith_ did here. She looks incredible.



ROUGH IT WITH WEEKEND-LONG BROWS. WUNDERBROW original lasts for days, but most of the time I don’t capitalize on this feature because I wash off my makeup with a cleansing balm and cloth every night. If I was going on a camping trip or to a festival, however, I would be THRILLED with the idea of not having to think about my brows the whole time. So what’s the hack? It’s not just refusing to wash my face at all, I promise.

- Live your best life.

(When it comes to clean your face, skip the oil-based cleanser. Instead, use a water-based one. I used micellar water and a reusable makeup pad.)

- By the end of the weekend, your brows are still going strong.


I wouldn’t make a habit of this, but honestly, I was impressed by how well my brows lasted. All it took was a little forethought in terms of wearing makeup on the rest of my face that would come off with
micellar water, which in the summer, you want anyway!



WITHOUT THE COMMITMENT. Not to date myself, but I am guilty of having overplucked my brows from 2001-2007, at which point there was an intervention and a 2 week vacation without my tweezers. So the ‘Skinny Brow’ trend all over the red carpet and magazine pages has been making me a both nostalgic and a bit queasy. Will my bone structure suddenly become that of Bella Hadid if I go slim and
sleek? And how will I ever know without making a potentially grave mistake? Enter the WUNDERBROW Original Gel Skinny Brow Hack:

- Choose a darker shade of WUNDERBROW

- Draw in the center of brows using the angled tip of the dual precision brush included in WUNDERBROW Original Gel.

- Brush inward toward that center line using the spoolie end, creating the illusion of a skinny brow.

- Carefully apply liquid concealer along the bottom arch of the newly created skinny brow, subtly covering any hairs.


Did I love it? Yes. Am I ready to pluck down to these wispy levels. NO WAY. So 10/10 for the skinny brow without the commitment WUNDERBROW hack.

Enjoy your summer. And remember to tag us in any of your brow hacks @wunderbrow - Love, Bonnie